The Grand Mughals - Babur to Bahadur Shah Zafar (1526-1857)

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 5 May 2013 New Books
Digital Book:
The Organization of Education in Mughal India
By Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi
Published by Indian History Congress, Delhi - 2008

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Painting; gouache on mica, A Muslim school; the teacher smoking a... Read More
 3 May 2013 Rare Paintings
Album leaf, copy (?). Devotion. Prince Parvíz (?) visiting a religious teacher with attendants with inscription. On paper.

1770 (circa)
Mughal Style

© Trustees of the British Museum Read More
 3 May 2013 Rare Paintings
Album leaf; painting depicting a Mulla kneeling with an open book rested against his knee expounding in the court of a mosque, surrounded by three engaged students. Another man lays (in a prostrating position) on cushions directly behind, while another man addresses a wounded foot in the foregrou... Read More
 3 May 2013 Rare Paintings
Depiction of a scene in a school. An instructor is shown seated beneath a canopy writing on a scoll surrounded by his pupils. Outside the walls a group of men stand next to their horses listening to another man seated upon a box.

Detached album folio containing a single-page coloured drawing. ... Read More
 17 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
A shaykh and companions listen to music at night. (c.1645)
La'lchand (artist, attributed)

Watercolour and gilt on paper

An album of 41 Indian paintings, chiefly from the Shahjahan period (1628-1658), expressive of the Mughal lineage of Shahjahan; with 37 calligraphic specimens by Mīr Alī-a... Read More
 10 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Kannauj on the River Ganges -1804

Plate 12 from the fourth set of Thomas and William Daniell's 'Oriental Scenery,' which they called 'Twenty-four Landscapes.' The views progress northwards from the far south at Cape Comorin to Srinagar in Garhwal in the Himalaya mountains. Kannauj was an impor... Read More
 4 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
An Interview between the royal emissary Mir Muizzu'l Mulk and the rebel Bahadur Khan. Painting from the Akbarnama, ca. 1590-1595.

Marks and inscriptions:
amal Farrukh Beg Work of Farrokh Beg

The Akbarnama was commissioned by the emperor Akbar as the official chronicle of his reign in 1589 ... Read More
 3 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Akbar's triumphant entry into Surat. Painting from Akbarnama, ca.1590-1595

Composed and painted by Farrukh Beg.

This illustration to the Akbarnama (Book of Akbar) depicts the Mughal emperor Akbar (r.1556–1605) riding on a black horse through Surat in western India after taking the city in 1... Read More
 3 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
An aged mulla by Farrokh Beg, opaque watercolour and gold on paper, Mughal, ca. 1615

An elderly man with a long white beard is depicted standing in front of a tree, with other flowering plants around him. The margins of this page from an album are filled with flowering plants outlined in gold.... Read More
 3 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Farrukh Beg
Born in Iran ca.1545, active 1580-1615, at the Mughal courts in Kabul, Lahore, Agra and the Sultanate of Bijapur, died in Agra in ca.1619. Read More
 3 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
"MINERVA. SCHOOL OF KESU DAS, MUGHAL INDIA, LATE 16TH CENTURY. Gouache heightened with gold on paper, the European-style Minerva stands contraposto, one hand resting on her gorgon-headed shield, the other holding a spear, within a landscape, slightly trimmed, blue, gold, orange, green and white m... Read More
 3 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Keshav Das

Akbar with falcon receiving Itimam Khan, while below a poor petitioner (self-portrait of the painter Keshav Das as an old man) is driven away by a royal guard: page from the Jahangir Album

Mughal court at Lahore, dated 1589 Inscribed: signed and dated by Kesu Das, and scribal annot... Read More
 3 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Kublai Khan and His Empress Enthroned, from a Jami al-Twarikh (or Chingiznama)

Kesu Kalan (Keshav Das)
Mughal dynasty
Reign of Akbar

Opaque watercolor, ink and gold on paper
H: 38.8 W: 25.3 cm

This painting from the era of the Mughal emperor Akbar (reigned 1556–1605) p... Read More
 3 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Saint Jerome
By Keshav Das (active ca. 1570–1604)
ca. 1580–85
India (Mughal court at Delhi)
Opaque watercolor on paper

This work, signed “Kesu Das,” was adapted from a European source, in all probability an engraving by Mario Cartaro published in 1564. The wide circulation of European C... Read More
 3 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Self-portrait of Keshav Das (active ca. 1570–1604)
circa 1570
India (Mughal court at Delhi)

The Hindu painter Keshav Das was an early local entrant into Akbar’s atelier, probably at the instigation of the Iranian master painter Khwaja ‘Abd al-Samad, who oversaw the studio at this time and had b... Read More
 3 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Keshav Das
Active 1570-1604/5, at the Mughal courts in Delhi, Lahore, Agra and Allahabad. Read More
 2 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Album page, Portrait of Shah Jahan, Mughal, first half of 17th century.

This painting depicts the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (r. 1628-1658) riding on a pale grey horse through a landscape accompanied by a prince behind him, also on horseback, who is presumably his son, Dara Shokuh. Various reta... Read More
 2 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Opaque watercolour, a wrestler at Jahangir's court, Mughal, c. 1615

This painting from the collection of Sir William Rothenstein (1872-1945) depicts a leading wrestler at the court of the Mughal emperor Jahangir (r. 1605-1627). Jahangir's inscription to the right of the portrait identifies it ... Read More
 2 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Painting, opaque watercolour and gold on paper, Indian black buck by Manohar, India, ca.1615.

The study of an Indian black buck being led by its keeper was painted by the Mughal court artist Manohar, who signed his work on the green ground at top and bottom of the painting. The posture of the ... Read More
 2 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Jahangir receiving Prince Parviz in a garden, Mughal, by Manohar, c.1610-1615.

This painting depicts the Mughal emperor Jahangir (r. 1605-1627) seated in a garden, surrounded by leading members of his court, and receiving his son Prince Parviz. Most of the characters are identified by minute i... Read More
 2 Apr 2013 Rare Paintings
Manohar, Emperor Jahangir receiving his two sons, an album-painting in gouache on paper

Mughal dynasty, about AD 1605-6

Emperor Jahangir (reigned 1605-27) sits under a richly-decorated canopy in a garden, and is served food and drink by his two sons Khusrau and Parviz. Two servants s... Read More