Posted on: 27 October 2012

Shah Jehan and his court - 18th century

Portrait of the emperor Shahjahan and his court, showing the emperor on a balcony, fanned by attendants standing on gilded elephants.
Watercolour and gilt on paper
Artist: Muhammad Ikhlas i Abid

By permission of The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

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This painting shows the Mughal court in all its glory- and it seems Shah Jahan was fond of such tributes to the opulence an grandeur of his court. Of course the dating suggests this painting was a posthumous one as Shah Jahan had died long before.

How nice to be fanned by attendants on golden elephants...

That privilege is earned Mary Storm, either in the way members of house of Taimur the Lame did it, or in ways of Indian kings whom these people modeled their luxuries after. Either way, its hard. :-)

LOVE this one.