Posted on: 27 October 2012

The emperor Shajahan killing a wild bull. Hunting scene - 17th century
Watercolour and gilt on paper

From an album of 41 Indian paintings, chiefly from the Shahjahan period (1628-1658), expressive of the Mughal lineage of Shahjahan; with 37 calligraphic specimens by Mīr Alī-alkātib, dated 1530 (A.H. 937) on fol. 55a ; and 9 leaves of text, fols. 10-18, containing portions of Jami's Tuhfat al-ahrar. Most of the inset paintings have floral borders, some have inner borders depicting bunches of grapes. Binding: lacquer, with floral portraits on outside and inside of boards.

By permission of The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

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It looks like a Buffalo than a Bull.

It's a wild water buffalo (Bubalus arnee) bull