Posted on: 22 January 2013

Portrait of an emperor (Shah Alam II 1728-1806?) enthroned, facing right. Imperial portrait.

Watercolour and gilt on paper

By permission of The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

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My 8th forefather Dewan Krishnaram Mitra was once called by Emperor Shah Alam II around 1770's to reward him on completion of a special mission. He was rewarded Rs.1 lakh for his financial advisory services to the Mughals and 1 Lakh more later for a special mission. Later my great grandfather made few magnificent temples in terracotta in the village of Antpur. amazing historical connection Shetketu Mitra!...thanks for sharing.


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I would suggest iit is a posthumous portrait of Nadir Shah of Iran, perhaps based on an earlier painting in the Bodleian, MS Ouseley Add. 173, f. 29v.