Posted on: 5 May 2013

Digital Book:
The Organization of Education in Mughal India
By Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi
Published by Indian History Congress, Delhi - 2008

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Painting; gouache on mica, A Muslim school; the teacher smoking a huqqa, Benares, ca.1860

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he looks groovy !

could not download

@Ramakrishna Udupa: Ilamaiyyil kal...pugai pidikka ! ..Namma..Vathiyaru..aaha...Namma School life-ile, Ippady oru Vathii ...Kedakiliye....

wasn't Pauly ( the co-author of our science text-book) there for you ??

..indeed...our great fav..teacher..and i was his pet student...coz., i did a lot of illustration for a science text book which he authored...and i did it for free...ha ha ha ...jus' 2 be in his good books....

..and if i remember right...the authors' name was Davey & i right..??????????