Posted on: 20 September 2015

An elephant fight on a hillside, mahouts astride the two charging beasts, others rushing forward with firebrands, two platoons of soldiers watching from either side
Mughal, circa 1760

Gouache on paper, mounted on an album page with floral borders, verso a calligraphic exercise in shikasteh script in black ink, copied by Murid Khan Muhammad Sadiq Tabataba'i.

Murid Khan Muhammad Sadiq Tabataba'i was a nobleman at the court of Muhammad Shah and was a noted calligrapher. A collection of his works survives, completed in AH 1150/AD 1737.

Source: Bonhams

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The usual warring & sparring with the Mughals .. light entertainment

Mughals kings very interest in elephant force,& fight

Disgusting entertainment